Richard Cato: Stop shouting at each other over health care

November 21, 2013 

Regarding “Conservative extremists fly right” (Letters, Nov. 15): Leaving aside the political rhetoric surrounding health care reform, we do face some important questions regarding health care in our nation. I challenge conservatives to put forward their plan to answer these questions:

* Is health care a right? If it is, are we, as citizens, acting through our government, obliged to ensure that all citizens have access to health care that meets their needs?

* If it is not the government’s obligation to maintain health care for all citizens, whose job is it? How will they be monitored to ensure that adequate services are provided and the cost is reasonable?

* Will some people simply not be able to get health care? If they present themselves for treatment anyway, will they be refused? If not, who will pay?

Our current system did not address these questions in a manner we felt comfortable with. The ACA seeks to remedy that. How would you change the ACA to more appropriately address these questions? If the ACA is not the answer, what is? Be specific.

We are shouting past each other across a chasm. We need to build a bridge.



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