Crystal Case: Medical cannabis helps children

November 20, 2013 

Regarding “Parents plead for medical pot lab” (Page B-1, Nov. 15) Thank you for your coverage of the Modesto City Council meeting last week in which the Realm of Caring from Colorado presented a request to open a lab in Modesto. However, your headline was sensationalism. At no time during the meeting did anyone use the term pot, which carries a heavily negative connotation.

The medicine we are seeking for our children, CBD, is not smoked and carries extremely low levels of THC (the cannabis component which gives the “high”). Parents of pediatric epilepsy patients and our voiceless children are fighting against these negative stereotypes to open minds and hearts. As you continue covering this groundbreaking issue, would you be willing to research Colorado Springs and report on the amazingly positive impact this foundation has had there? Medical refugees are moving from all over the country, seeking treatment which reduces, and often stops seizures when all pharmaceuticals have failed.

If Realm of Caring moved here, huge amounts of money would be poured into our local economy. Modesto has the unique opportunity right now to be placed on the map as a center for compassionate medical treatment for children who are begging for help.



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