Diana Doll: Most are moderate on gun rights

November 20, 2013 

There’s always much to enjoy in Jeff Jardine’s human interest reporting. However, bits of “A noise in the dark that ends in gunfire” (Page A-1, Nov. 14) left me with a frown. He refers to “folks who detest gun ownership of any kind.” I haven’t come across these narrow-minded people. Where are they? I have read, and believe, that most people’s philosophies lie in the broad middle, each person a unique and fairly logical blend. Which of us would begrudge a rural rancher the ability to safeguard his or her home? On the other hand, who wouldn’t want a roadblock for the incipient madman desiring to buy body armor, weapons and ammunition capable of a massacre?

The article also references Second Amendment rights. It’s funny: In the old days there was no issue called this. Hunters brought home delicious main courses and enjoyed a bit of target shooting. Children ran around with cap pistols all weekend, plus lassos and sturdy sticks. Then children grew up, wildlife grew scarce, and guns lost relevance. How to increase demand? Create a crisis: Pretend that our government has a secret plan to confiscate guns. Fight regulation tooth and nail. Currently, the anarchic extremism around “gun rights” jeopardizes the very “right to life.” Hopefully, the logical middle can change that.



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