Russell Kelley: Illegal immigrants should follow rules

November 18, 2013 

This was the greatest, most free country in the world! It was a country build by legal immigrants, people who went through the immigration process to get permission to come here and stay here.

Since immigration people come from all over the place, we came to the U.S. from Canada. Immigrants today (the illegals) who have broken the law shouldn’t be entitled to even one benefit that this country has to offer – no job, no drivers license, no food stamps, no welfare, no medical, no Social Security, SSI, no freebies for college tuition. When you’re here illegally, you get nothing – no amnesty, no shortcut to citizenship!

Make them go through the immigration process, like the millions and upon millions of us legal immigrants who went through all of the proceedings that we did!

No more new rules and exceptions, just enforce the laws we have! No lawbreakers should get a reward!



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