Robert Van Groningen: Obama’s promises were empty

November 18, 2013 

“Hope and Change” was the promise President Obama ran his election on. After his first term, voters found out differently, with less disposable income and no jobs.

Our president declared that his administration would be the most transparent ever. Along with transparency comes truth and trust, which all Americans believe in. Americans now realize Obama fails miserably in our definition of truth. Many scandals have occurred which Obama denies even knowing about. The latest on Obama’s white-lie agenda is “you can keep your own health care plan.” Obama makes Nixon and Clinton look like amateurs during the 24 times he is videotaped lying about Obamacare.

Letters from the congressional budget office in December 2009 and March 2010 to the Democrats prove that Obama’s quote was false. President Obama and Democratic leaders intentionally kept their mouths shut because it would damage their chances of winning the 2012 elections!

How will you enjoy your new, affordable health care? Wouldn’t it be great to receive an exemption? Well, President Obama is real sorry that he, Congress, Democratic friends and contributors, and the labor unions get a free pass!



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