Peter Medina: President trying to help disadvantaged

November 18, 2013 

How can anyone blame a president trying to help his constituents, the poor and disadvantaged? Those of you who have been fortunate to be blessed with means and well-paying jobs should be ashamed for taking away the rights of the poor and disadvantaged to health care.

I am uninsured and 60 years old and have paid my dues in all aspects, taxes, etc. I count my blessings that I am not in need of urgent care or suffering a painful malady. Because if I had to ask for help from the people like those opposing a health care program for the disadvantaged, I would say forget it.

True, we need to get the program to work for everyone, not just those who can afford it. What are we becoming as a people that we are just thinking of our own pockets?

Shame on those creating the problem and not becoming part of the solution.

Do not forget there is a higher power coming to judge us all.



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