Juanita Cline: Obamacare is a disaster

November 16, 2013 

Though I believe this will not be published, I would like to say that while opening my paper during my morning coffee I was shocked to first see front-page articles about the disastrous Affordable Care Act. Then as I read on I almost wept to see how this is hurting people’s lives with policy cancellations and extreme premium hikes (except for the Winco Union worker).

But I must say, elections have consequences! Therefore, the tearing in my eyes was not of sadness in any way to anyone who’s hurting over this if they voted for Obama. They were (tears of) joy for them. He is your president now, so suck it up and please don’t whine when you wake up and pay up.

Hope and Change! I hope it will change and this horrible law gets overturned before it is way too late for all of us to survive its destruction.



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