Hal Conkey: Courthouse needs common sense

November 16, 2013 

The new courthouse that the state wants to build in Modesto at either of the two locations does not make sense to a lot of citizens, including retired and current county supervisors. Moving a prisoner to the court would mean moving them a couple of blocks from the jail unless the new building had another jail to hold them.

Many Modestans think that the present location is ideal for the new courthouse. It is very near to two large parking garages, next to the current jail with a secure area to move prisoners to and from courtrooms and close to many attorneys’ offices.

A very attractive and functional building could be attached to the newer part of the present courthouse. This part of the courthouse could be remodeled and upgraded. Courthouse offices could be temporarily located in the Bee building while the old part of the courthouse was demolished and the new one was built. I am sure this could be done for a lot less than the $277 million the state has planned to spend.

Have the state people in charge of the new courthouse visited Modesto and talked to people, especially the Board of Supervisors, about what is wanted and needed?



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