Jennifer Miyakawa: Replacement of stolen bikes is appreciated

November 14, 2013 

A couple of months ago, there was a theft at one of our local elementary schools in which almost a dozen special-needs bicycles were stolen and, although a few were recovered, they had been stripped down to their frame.

The report was circulated in The Bee and in state and national news outlets. The response was immediate and the outpouring of support was generous, from local businesses to members of our community and a few as far as Anaheim and San Jose. A student at the school even opened her own piggy bank and donated what she had to restore what was lost. Even after being made aware that the cost to replace the stolen bikes had been raised, people continued to give.

It has often been said that the measure of greatness of a nation or community can be judged by the way they treat their weakest members.

A warm thank you to all who gave without hesitation to students who will be richly blessed by your thoughtfulness.



Editor’s Note: The writer is trustee of the Sylvan Union School District; the theft took place at Sherwood, one of the Sylvan district’s elementary schools.

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