Tim Donowick: Obamacare a blow to middle class

November 13, 2013 

This is the obituary of the middle class. They were the American stereotypical middle-class suburbanite who went to their 9- to 10 hour-a-day job commuting just shy of an hour, ate a bag lunch at their desk and then, after my wholly unfullfilling day, another one-hour commute to their yet-to-be-paid-for home. Every two weeks they would collect a modest paycheck and, with what was left after taxes, Social Security and other deductions, pay their bills. Then they might put away a smidgen for coming retirement and, if the gods be willing, take a pittance to stash under a mattress for a short and well deserved vacation in the future.

This is all changed, being informed recently that the health insurance that they have used sparingly over their lifetime will cost them far more than ever imagined. The U.S. government imposed a new law: Obamacare. Why has this action caused the middle class to die an untimely death? Over the last six years insurance has gone up by double digits virtually every year in anticipation of implementation of Obamacare. For those lucky few who can keep their insurance, watch as it goes up another 8 percent to 10 percent.



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