Ron Kemper: Why I voted for defeat of Measure X

November 12, 2013 

It is a shame that less than 25 percent of Modesto decides the fate of important decisions in our community.

After reading “1-cent sales tax rejected” (Nov. 9, Page A-1) and the reason it failed, I had to write why I voted “no.” I believe we desperately need more police and firefighters. And I would have voted yes if the measure had guaranteed the money would have been spent on police and firefighters.

If the measure had needed a 66.6 percent vote, it might have passed. My opinion, as I think the majority of Modesto believes, is we don’t trust the council to do as they say they will. Just look at the record – untrustworthy, poor planning for the future resulting in problems that might have been avoided. Had the council put aside money for roads, protection and other future needs, we might not be in the mess we are now.

I no longer vote for incumbents. Why these self-interested politicians keep getting re-elected is beyond me. But the people get what they deserve by not voting and speaking up at the polls.



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