Our View: Ending Davis-Enochs football game was cautious and correct call

November 11, 2013 

— Referees, coaches and administrators at the Davis-Enochs football game Friday night made a decisive call, ending the game before the half because of conflicts between some players on the teams.

While it may have been a disappointing way to end the season for the players, especially for the seniors, we think that the adults erred on the side of caution – and that’s the appropriate way to err.

The outcome of the game did not influence the league standings, and neither Enochs nor Davis had a good enough record to be going to a playoff game. As it turned out, canceling the game also didn’t change the point calculations for other teams either. If this had been a playoff game of some type, it might have made sense to let the teams continue to play, under tight refereeing.

If this had just been a conflict between two isolated players, that could have been controlled by ejecting them. But other players got quickly drawn in and both benches cleared. There was a potential for this to get truly ugly and for someone – player, coach, referee or spectator – to get hurt. That was prevented by referees, coaches and administrators making the right decision.

We’re confident that the coaches and administrators at these two Modesto schools will review the film and make sure that any disciplinary measures taken against their students are comparable to those handed out at the other campus.

This is high school football, not professional hockey. The adults acted like adults and sent the right message to teenagers: We don’t tolerate fights and other bad behavior. Sportsmanship counts.

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