AGOSTINI: Happy birthday to Colin Kaepernick -- now can he deliver a Super Bowl trophy?

ragostini@modbee.comNovember 9, 2013 

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• Colin Kaepernick (Turlock) turned 26 last Sunday. He'll be hard-pressed to top his previous year … unless the 49ers bring home a Lombardi Trophy.

• Kaepernick's birthday cake was covered in Sour Patch Kids, his favorite candy. Yes, he has a sour tooth.

• Carolina's torrid Cam Newton comes to San Francisco on Sunday. If you think his arrival is connected to Aldon Smith's faster-than-expected return, you would be right.

• Smith received five weeks of treatment after his second drunk driving charge. Is he sorry? For sure. Rehabbed? Doubt it.

• The message from the 49ers: We care for Aldon Smith the man, but we care more about sacking Cam Newton.

• More evidence on why Smith was rushed back into the lineup: The 49ers are 5-0 without Smith but have recorded only five sacks in the last four games.

• The 49ers dread this scenario: Newton throwing touchdown passes to … the revitalized ex-Niner Ted Ginn.

• Only in the upside-down world of an NFL locker room does a bullied, abused and racially-harassed player become the bad guy.

• The Dolphins tried to "toughen up" Jonathan Martin. Excuse me. He's started every Miami game since he was drafted in 2012 and, at Stanford, anchored the Cardinal's slug-in-the-mouth offense and protected Andrew Luck's blind side. Yeah, the first word that comes to mind is "soft."

• Most of the Dolphins took Richie Incognito's side. Like we said, upside-down.

• Everyone, from coach Joe Philbin to the trainer, must have been asleep at the wheel about Incognito — a shameful chapter for the franchise that brought us Bob Griese, Dan Marino and Don Shula.

• The tiebreaker, if there's one needed, on Incognito: His bio.

• Think about it: Cal State Stanislaus soccer star Karenee Demery, the NCAA Division II Player of the Year. A case can be made.

• Those Nike dollars haven't yet purchased a football national championship at Oregon, and Stanford still keeps getting in the way.

• Oregon has totaled 34 points the last two years against Stanford. That's often a good half for the Ducks.

• It's a new day at Stanford when the guy who saves the game with two recovered onside kicks is named Jeff Trojan!

• Stanford retired John Elway's No. 7, only the third retired number on the Farm after Jim Plunkett's 16 and Ernie Nevers' 1.

• As great as Elway was, his honor leans more toward lifetime achievement. He never played in a bowl game at Stanford.

• The late Ray Willsey guided Cal football through the tumultuous 1960s. He coached much better than his record.

• The Raiders are hard to beat when Terrelle Pryor sprints 93 yards for a touchdown. When he doesn't, well …

• The Eagles' Nick Foles, awake and wondering at 3 a.m.: I throw seven touchdown passes in one game, and I'm not immediately declared next week's starter?

• Longtime basketball fans will notice a fascinating name on this season's Modesto Junior College roster: Blake Terry, the grandson of Claude Terry (Modesto High, Stanford, ABA, NBA).

• Want to buy seats at soon-to-be demolished Candlestick Park? It will cost $650 for a pair.

• Kaepernick has averaged only 167 passing yards per game since Week 2. No matter. Measuring his impact by numbers never has worked.

• The best measuring stick for Kaepernick: Your eyes.

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