Safety being neglected on city streets

November 8, 2013 


A pedestrian pushes the push button for cross the street at 11th Street and I Street.

DEBBIE NODA 040104 — Modesto Bee Buy Photo

We’re not surprised that police officers wrote 83 citations Wednesday to both motorists and pedestrians who were ignoring the laws on pedestrian safety in Turlock. The problem is pervasive, and it isn’t unique to Turlock.

Drive almost anywhere in Modesto, day or evening, and you’ll see people crossing mid-block, even in the midst of heavy traffic. Some of those darting across busy streets, such as McHenry Avenue, after dark seem to have a death wish. They’re wearing dark clothing and for some reason they refuse to walk 20 or 40 extra steps to a marked crosswalk or, better, an intersection with signals. But too many motorists refuse to stop for pedestrians who are trying to cross safely in the crosswalks.

It surely doesn’t help that too many drivers and too many pedestrians are talking on their cellphones. Please be alert out there, whether you are a driver or a pedestrian.

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