Ron Jeske: Why Measure X failed

November 7, 2013 

With Measure X in an apparent failure slide, we need only look back over a few months to see what echoed the past practices of city government and what finally infuriated voters to not trust what they heard from proponents of a tax increase.

Most recently, opening 10th Street at a cost of $14,000 for the supposed benefit of one or two individuals was wasteful, especially in light of the fact that the street, between I and J, now has large flower pots, reduced parking and traffic interruptions, thanks to the city.

A public opinion survey that was terribly small and involved only people who were home with a phone to tell us that we needed to tax the public more, at a cost of $35,000. These echoed the SCAP debacle and the Archway Commons excesses. And lastly, the courthouse real estate fiasco, putting the city in the real estate business with a guy who had no broker’s license and who had profited largely off Archway, at our expense. These giveaways doomed Measure X, and rightfully so.



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