District releases transcript of closed-door hearing that led to firing of Modesto High School worker

naustin@modbee.comNovember 6, 2013 

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Modesto High alumni, students and teachers have voiced support for Jackie Munn, right, who was fired as campus supervisor.

— Modesto City Schools has released the transcript of more than five hours of closed-door testimony before the board’s vote to provisionally approve firing longtime campus supervisor Jackie Munn.

A final vote will take place Tuesday in the case. The 209-page transcript, which had most names redacted, includes statements by Munn, the police officer at Modesto High, administrators and several campus supervisors before Administrative Law Judge Karen Brandt. The document is available at this link, but parents should be aware that objectionable language appears repeatedly.

The transcript details, from several views, a March 18 fight between Gino Sanchez, a special-education student, and a female student “he had ongoing issues with.” It alludes to her throwing food on him, and Gino throwing a crate at her and punching her in the head before walking away. He also hit a campus supervisor before being restrained on the ground, where he calmed down and started to cry.

Munn, in testimony, says she heard a campus employee “frantically screaming for a campus supervisor” and went to the area, where the female student and two girlfriends “were standing on the sidewalk screaming about a boy beating a girl up.”

Munn walked over to Gino while he was on the ground, grabbing a lighter from his pants pocket, which by several accounts angered him. Students are not allowed to have lighters on campus. An unidentified campus supervisor testified that Munn straddled Gino’s back as he tried to rise and shoved his face on the cement.

An unidentified campus police officer describes the female student’s injuries as “a small bump on her forehead, real small. And a small little mark on her arm.” His police report reflects that the female student wanted to press charges against Gino, who had a scrape on his nose.

After the incident, Gino was forbidden to return to the campus until January and is studying at home, his mother, Mary Sanchez, told The Bee. There is no information available about any consequences for the unidentified girl, but the district’s policy is to discipline both students involved in a fight. Munn has been on paid leave since shortly after the incident.

Modesto High alumni, students and teachers held a rally at the school in support of Munn on Oct. 31. An online petition protesting her firing is online at change.org, and as of Wednesday had gathered more than 160,000 signatures.

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