Bryan Bell: It’s adults’ responsibility to protect students

November 6, 2013 

Gino Sanchez’s younger sister is being bullied, and the mother, Mary Sanchez, is quoted in the Nov. 1 Bee (“Crowd protests firing of Modesto High staffer”) as saying they’re going to have to protect her? I wonder how she’d like this to happen? Would she prefer the campus supervisors stand back three feet and say, “Stop, young man. I said to stop now?”

What if an assault was with a special ed student that escalated into attacking a young female high school student with a milk crate? I believe any parent would hope the adults in charge would stop and contain the aggressor, protecting the other students.

When I heard this story, my first reaction was that any parent would be up in arms if their child was being abused and the supervisors and teachers did nothing to protect their child from a disturbed student.

Either scenario would have certain lawsuit-happy people calling Gloria Allred. I believe the school board got it wrong.



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