Charlie Lockett: House Republicans are welfare royalty

November 4, 2013 

I used to think that when Republicans talked about “welfare queens” they were just using a talking point to rile up their base. How wrong I have been. They really do know about welfare queens because it refers to Republicans in the House.

They are paid $176,000 per year, plus those farm subsidies, plus what they get from lobbyists, plus their own PACs. So they go in with a small fortune and retire as super rich after working part time.

In 2012, their schedule was 107 days; in 2013, it was 126 days; and next year, according to Eric Cantor, they will put in a grueling 113 days. But if they are true to form, 11 of those days will be spent repealing Obamacare. That’s almost $1,600 per day.

They did shut down the government at a cost of over $24 billion, and they are cutting food stamps and meals on wheels and anything else that would help those in need.

I think it’s time we demanded to get what we are paying for. We are paying them to do what’s best for this nation and the people of this nation.



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