David Pimentel: Obama is evasive

November 2, 2013 

Regarding “U.S. looks at limits on spying” (Oct. 29, Page A-5): Obamacare is simply the latest fiasco by the Obama administration. On numerous occasions, Obama has eluded responsibility by stating that he became informed of such catastrophes by reading or seeing a news report.

This type of evasion comes from the person who promised his administration would be the most transparent in history. If only the national debt and spending would fall as quickly as Obama’s credibility. How can anyone believe a president that says raising the debt ceiling will not increase the national debt? That is like a husband telling his wife that using a new credit card will not result in additional debt.

Now Obama says he will no longer spy on his allies. Are those the traditional allies like Germany, Britain and Israel or Obama’s new allies of Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood? In 2008, Obama relied on the youth to win his first election. Five years later, he is deceiving the youth by requiring them to pay a mandatory premium at a time when they require little or no medical services.



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