Michael Henry: Measure X inaccuracies abound

November 2, 2013 

As I was driving home today I passed by a fire station with firefighters holding signs in support of Measure X. That got me to thinking. I noticed Modesto is still replacing street signs. I also noticed it adopted a new city logo. City logos are not cheap to implement. New door decals, new stationery, new emblems. So if the city can find money to change something as superfluous and trivial as a logo or a street sign, why are they asking us to accept a 1 percent tax hike again?

With this sales tax in place, we would be paying 8.625 percent. That’s approaching Bay Area and Los Angeles basin tax rates. I have nothing against safety and enforcement personnel, but the city is using scare tactics to make its budgeting life easy. A no vote would force them to spread cuts across more nonessential departments. I’d much rather see a lower sales tax than a new city logo any day.



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