Diane Cartwright: Helping immigrants succeed

November 1, 2013 

As our society experiences a surge of immigrants, usually tolerant individuals experience frustration and anger as differences divide rather than unite. Change is difficult for us and new ones. In researching answers, I came across some guidelines that may help new ones succeed in their new country.


•  learn the language.

•  accept and come to understand the new culture.

•  conform to local customs.

•  study your new environment and ask questions about it.

•  make an effort to integrate as a family.

•  cooperate with the authorities; do your best to legalize your status.

Do not:

•  withdraw from your host community.

•  consider your own culture superior.

•  make money and possessions the first thing in your life.

•  expect your children to cling to your original culture.

•  look down on your parents because they have a different background.

•  migrate separately from your family, if you can avoid it.

If you learn the language of your new country, you will broaden your contacts. Courtesy, respect, kindness and a smile are universal languages that speak more effectively than words in any environment.



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