President ignores Constitution

October 29, 2013 

Regarding “Tea party threatens Constitution” (Oct.11, Letters): The tea party movement supports the Constitution! It’s President Obama that is walking over that document. Obama is using the IRS as a political weapon. This is the same as Section 1, Article 2 of the impeachment of Nixon.

His Department of Justice has seized records of the press, an assault on the First Amendment. He has granted illegal aliens amnesty, even those convicted of violent crimes, bypassing Congress – which refused to pass the Dream Act. This is blatant disregard of our legislative process!

Obamacare violates the First Amendment by forcing employers to cover abortion-inducing drugs, even if it goes against their religious views. The president has said he will not enforce financial disclosure laws for labor union bosses. This administration has exceeded its legal authority with environmental regulations.

The president said on Sept.6, 2001, “But I think (the Constitution) is an imperfect document ... that reflects some deep flaws in American culture...” Who is the traitor?



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