Nichole Lewis: MID won’t investigate bill

October 25, 2013 

In July, my husband and I moved our family to a new house, smaller in square footage and lower in rent, to help us cut our monthly spending. Our first month’s electric bill was $400. Our thermostat was set to 72 and we didn’t think about it much because of the heat wave.

The next month we set the AC to 80 degrees. The bill decreased, but only $30. We called the Modesto Irrigation District to ask them to send someone to our house as someone may be stealing our electricity. MID said unless we see an extension cable going from our breaker to a neighbor’s house, they wouldn’t send anyone to investigate.

Our previous house was a two-story, 1,200-square-foot house with one AC unit. We kept the thermostat at 72. The bill never reached $190. After explaining this to MID, they maintained that no one is stealing our electricity, it’s just our AC. Our understanding is it is the utility company’s job to thoroughly investigate when the possibility of energy theft is reported. This is apparently not the case with the MID.



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