Suspect arrested in Delhi pitchfork assault

October 25, 2013 

A 57-year-old man was taken into custody at the border of Texas and Mexico earlier this month on suspicion of attempted murder in the attack on a man with a pitchfork in Merced County.

Antonio Trejo Perez was wanted as a suspect in the assault upon a 73-year-old man in June 2012 in the 17000 block of Leatteau Avenue in Delhi, according to a Merced County sheriff’s report.

On the day of the incident, deputies were called to the scene about 4:30 p.m. and learned the victim had been attacked at his home with a pitchfork. During the assault, a shotgun was pulled out and a struggle ensued for the firearm. No one was shot. Deputies learned the argument between the men was over a woman. A warrant was issued for the arrest of Perez after deputies investigated the incident.

The victim suffered serious injuries from the attack, according to the report.

Earlier this month, sheriff’s deputies were contacted by U.S. Border Patrol agents, who said they had detained Perez. The Border Patrol agents reported they had captured Perez as he was trying to flee into Mexico. A records check revealed Perez had a warrant for attempted murder out of Merced County. Perez was arrested and jailed in Hidalgo, Texas.

Merced County sheriff’s deputies are coordinating with U.S. marshals to send Perez back to Merced County.

– Sun-Star staff

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