Catherine Van Wert: U.S. can’t support the whole world

October 22, 2013 

Regarding “Valley leaders urged to back immigration bill” (Oct. 11, Page B3): Of course these people want a better life, but it should not be at our expense. It should not be legal to hire a Mexican only because they speak their language. White people are not getting hired if they don’t speak Mexican.

The last I heard, this was still America, not Mexico. It is not our job to support the whole world. But Obama is making it that way.

If not for the Mexicans and the black people, Obama would not have gotten in in the first place. Oprah Winfrey helped to pull that one through, as she has a lot of clout.

You probably won’t print this, because you will think this sounds racist. I’m far from racist. There are very good people in every race.



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