Darius O. Crosby: Measure's a small price to pay for safety in Modesto

October 19, 2013 

As a local pastor, and member of this community for 21 years, I am greatly concerned about the increase in crime and the effect it’s having on all of us. Measure X is a small price to pay for our community’s safety.

Cities all over are faced with critical decisions to improve domestic tranquility, which seems to be waning with every incident of violence and failure of some to respect the rights of others.

As residents, we ask police officers to protect us and our neighborhoods. But we must arm police with the resources they need to fight crime.

Sadly, I’m told by those in my circle of influence that some aren’t even calling the police anymore to report crimes, knowing police don’t have the resources/personnel to respond or even take reports.

We’re at a critical point in Modesto’s future, which calls for critical measures – both corrective and preventive. We must put more cops on the street, expand gang crime prevention and expand investigation and prevention of property crimes.

We must do something to get to the next level of responsibility. We must pass Yes on X for a safer, stronger Modesto.



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