Jana Warren: Measure X is a general fund tax for Modesto

October 19, 2013 

Marketing in support of Measure X is everywhere – signs, mailers, phone calls. The slick marketing, catchy slogan, emotional/fear tactics surrounding it make it look great, based on the wrapping only. I challenge everyone to open the package and take a look inside.

Measure X is a 1 percent sales tax increase, anticipated to bring in $26 million a year, or $156 million in six years. (I predict it will go on forever.) To the city and the unions, it’s a massive, painless influx of money. Not so for us paying citizens, many of whom are already struggling to make ends meet.

Marketing would have us believe all this money will be spent on a “safer, stronger” city. The truth is Measure X is a general fund, not a special purpose fund. Translation: They can spend it anyway they want. Discussion began on a 0.5 percent increase for a special purpose tax, but since that requires a two-thirds majority, they switched to a general tax fund which only needs 50 percent plus one. Then they bumped it to 1 percent.

Discover what measure X really means; there is no way we can logically pass this measure.



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