Eduardo Ortega: Illegal border crossers are criminals

October 18, 2013 

In the Oct. 11 news story “Valley leaders urged to back immigration bill,” (Page B-3), I saw the statement by Gloria Sanchez, “We are humans, we really are hard workers, we are not criminals. For my dad’s dream – a lot of families deserve to have a better future.

People who cross the border illegally are criminals. To work, they are probably using either a fake Social Security number or somebody’s stolen number. If you filed taxes, you are a felon two time over. If you are driving to work, you are breaking the law again. Now do you get it?

America wants to welcome people from all over the world, all America asks is that you do it the right way and respect our laws. Before you get mad, I came here from a different country but I did it legally.



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