Brooks Judd: Gallo Center wine too pricey

October 18, 2013 

Like a multifaceted glowing gem, the Gallo Center for the Arts lights up the city block in an aura of friendly warmth. The performances that are booked are top of the line, the furnishings inside are a marvel and the smiling gracious volunteers that greet, serve and take us to our comfortable seats are greatly appreciated. Watching a show at the Gallo is a wonderful experience well worth the price of the ticket.

One minor complaint. Spending $30 to $100 for a ticket, parking and gas, a concertgoer might assume that there would be a reasonable cost for a serving of Gallo wine at the refreshment counter. Instead, the thirsty patron is jolted by sticker shock – a hefty $8 price for a three- to four-ounce glass of wine which is offered up to them in a tiny plastic cup.

The finest restaurants in Modesto and Turlock wouldn’t dream of charging $8 for a three- to four-ounce glass of Gallo wine. Why would the Gallo Center? Wouldn’t a modest $3-5 charge be more appropriate?



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