Doug Farrow: Don’t be fooled by lobbyists

October 13, 2013 

I was dismayed at the Oct. 10 headline, “Business groups see loss of sway over House GOP” (Page A-1).

Then I realized I can make a case about the ingenuous agenda of lobbyists, especially retail. Most aspects of business try to keep costs competitively low. Business does not try to low- ball wages because their employees are also their customers. Retail lobbyists are among the greediest of theoretical businessmen.

They are fine with a too-big government, too-big public-sector labor wages and pension benefits. Retail lobbyists have no problem with bloated welfare payments, food stamps, never-ending unemployment and disability. The recipients all spend money at retail.

Business would like to see a growing economy driven by employed citizens. Unemployed people with all their freebies make over $40,000 a year. Lobbyists do not make a positive difference. Like AARP, they are parasites that just add another level of cost.

Printing of money and inflation are enemies of those on fixed incomes. Big business is a friend of the people. Big lobbyists are free of any constraints.

The GOP wants more makers; Dems want more takers.



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