Gary Nelson: Bill a blow to women’s health care

October 13, 2013 

I am trying to understand how women’s rights have been expanded by the passage of Assembly Bill 154, which essentially authorizes my garbage man to perform surgical abortions. No offense is intended to the loyal man who collects my garbage, but he may be surprised to know that if he washes his hands, or not, he is now legislatively qualified to perform a serious and potentially life-threatening medical procedure on any woman who finds herself in need of his services.

Why would Planned Parenthood (who apparently own the governor and the Legislature) applaud this incredible denigration of women’s health care? Could it be profits? This law certainly does not promote women’s health or safety.

Yes, Planned Parenthood, who gladly accept your freely donated tax dollars, are one of the many who champion late-term abortions.

So is this new law the current state of women’s rights? I think it should more properly be called the current state of society’s wrongs.



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