Mortensen best choice for MID

October 12, 2013 

In fall 2012, at the request of MID Division 4 Director Paul Warda, I agreed to serve on the MID water advisory committee. Because of Jim Mortensen’s extensive experience in industrial air-quality, technical water-use and electrical power, we chose him to chair this important committee.

Under his leadership, the committee successfully provided a logical blueprint and business plan for improvements to the district’s water system and infrastructure. Despite divergent opinions and views, Jim led the meetings in such a way where everyone was heard and respected. His patient leadership helped craft a plan that was endorsed by every committee member and all members of MID’s senior management. (This was no easy feat.)

As an MID director, Jim will strive to restore the district to the prominence and respect it has held in the past through fiscal responsibility, smart solutions and transparent decision-making.

I am personally acquainted with three of the candidates for MID Division 4. All are good men who love their community. But Mortensen is the best choice to serve on the MID board.



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