Alamo for TID board

October 12, 2013 

We have two candidates running for Turlock Irrigation, Division 3 – Joe Alamo, who is seeking re-election, and Dan Agundez.

Alamo has served us well as a TID director. He’s worked hard to keep our water rights and ensure we continue to have reliable power. Joe is a lifelong Turlock farmer and father.

Agundez is a retired PG&E employee who just registered to vote for the first time on Aug. 9. He was handpicked by the IBEW Local 1245 (TID linemen) to run against Alamo – the same union employees that left some Turlock residents without power for 45 hours last year. TID linemen are knocking on our doors stating our rates our going to go up if we don’t vote for Agundez. This is a lie. Agundez has never concerned himself with any election enough to vote, but he’s asking us to vote for him. This shows his lack of experience. Agundez never cared what was going on in our country and state so how can he have any experience to sit on the TID board and make decisions for us?

Please vote for Joe Alamo.



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