Measure X won’t solve jail problem

October 12, 2013 

Tony Argüelles and Tim Tietjen,

I just received your Measure X letter in the mail. Of course we would like to see more police on the streets, but you are not addressing the real problem.

At a recent neighborhood watch meeting, the policeman said his biggest problem is that nonviolent offenders get released within a few days of being arrested and are back on the streets because we don’t have the capacity to keep them locked up.

Now we have to worry about the perps coming back to harass us, or worse, when they get released the day after being arrested. This reckless catch-and-release policy emboldens criminals and promotes crime because the criminals know they will never do the time.

Please explain how Measure X will solve the catch-and-release problem. We need to focus on controlling our borders and building more prisons. Instead of making sure crime doesn’t pay, our Democratic leadership in California is busy preaching safe harbor for criminal illegals, building a bullet train we don’t need and releasing criminals.



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