AGOSTINI: Colin Kaepernick's numbers go down, but 49ers' wins go up

ragostini@modbee.comOctober 11, 2013 

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• Turlock's Colin Kaepernick is ranked 21st in the NFL in passer rating, 25th in passing yards but first in ... jersey sales!

• As Kaepernick's numbers drop, the 49ers' wins pick up. Remember the good ol' days of the read-option?

• Indiana never had beaten Penn State — until sophomore quarterback Nate Sudfeld (Modesto Christian) tossed two touchdown passes for the landmark victory last week.

• Meanwhile, brother Zach Sudfeld started the week in New England and finished it in New York with the Jets.

• The 49ers' Aldon Smith rehabs while he faces felony gun charges. A guess on his chances of returning to the team this season — 20 percent and dropping.

• More important than football, Smith needs a change in direction.

• The Dodgers' formula for victory: A boatload of payroll and two ex-Giants (Juan Uribe and Brian Wilson).

• Uribe, who's bounced back from tough times in L.A., could pick up his third World Series ring. Be happy for him, Giants fans.

• And Wilson? Forget it. Burned too many bridges.

• More misery for Cal fans: Washington State's 44-22 win marked the Cougars' biggest offensive production in the Pac-12 in 10 years.

• Looking for a sequel to the blood feud between the 49ers' Jim Harbaugh and the Seahawks' Pete Carroll? Look no further than Washington's Steve Sarkisian and Stanford's David Shaw.

• A portion of a concourse on the west side of Candlestick Park was yellow-taped due to a plumbing malfunction last Sunday. For a minute, I thought I was in Oakland.

• Candlestick is falling apart, but did you know it has hosted more NFL playoff games (27) than any other stadium?

• A thought after watching the enthusiasm of A's fans during the playoffs: Build the ballpark in Oakland, where it belongs.

• Some A's fans blamed manager Bob Melvin for not starting Bartolo Colon in Game 5. Sorry, guys. You can start King Kong and lose if you don't score runs.

• Not sure if Grant Balfour's tiff with Victor Martinez at the end of Game 3 factored into the final result, but it did change the mood.

• Move over, Lew Wolff. You have a new A's co-owner — Justin Verlander.

• Verlander's confidence grew when he surveyed the A's dugout and did not see Pablo Sandoval.

• Are Jets fans getting carried away about Geno Smith? They might even adjust their standard cheer: G-E-N-O Jets! Jets! Jets!

• The Raiders made a $6.5 million mistake with Matt Flynn. Don't feel bad for him. He's pocketed $14.5 million the last two seasons, all for one sorry start.

• About $100 million changed hands after that last-second touchdown in the Northwestern-Ohio State game. Would have loved to have been in a Las Vegas sportsbook when it happened.

• ESPN's Game Day draws hundreds of college students at dawn for its Saturday show. How? Breakfast, a hat and a T-shirt for each kid.

• Excuse me, did you used to be Eli Manning (15 interceptions, eight in the fourth quarter)?

• The Raiders' torch at the Coliseum last week was lit by a Modestan — former Raider star Lester Hayes.

• Kaepernick and Peyton Manning are 1-2 in the NFL in jersey sales. Another common bond after this week: Both are represented by IMG.

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