No guarantees for Measure X funds

October 8, 2013 

Last week’s junk mail contains the flier in which the current City Council lies to the citizens of Modesto. All the pictures depict police action, crime tape, words “Crime” and “Gangs.” That’s the lie. From everything I have read, there is no guarantee money will go to police or fire. All the spending is at the discretion of the council. As we read daily, they do what they want! So “no” on X is my vote. No more money for the Modesto City Council to spend.

And as for the oversight committee, give me a break. How many oversight committees have we had and the result is always the same – money disappears and the project never gets done or finished? For me the measure would have to state that half of the funds go to police and fire in a separate account that the City Council cannot touch (in clear English, no legal jargon).



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