Modesto City Council keeping public in the dark

October 8, 2013 

Our City Council appears to ignore the public in favor of a few unnamed parties, or openly favor another party for inexplicable reasons.

For instance, the proposed sales tax increase has a half-cent recission feature if the county passes a road tax. The result would kill funding for everything but public safety. Fundamental changes need to be made to governance in Modesto. The mayor says that if the county wins the road tax, then what we were to spend on roads is actually enhanced and we can use our road money for something else. Wrong, you just threw out the funding for half of the original purposes. Claims of changes elsewhere in the operations have not been fully explained. Structural change at City Hall, the golf courses and the Civic Center (an eternal money sump) is supposedly nearing a change to reduce the drain on the budget, but no specifics.

Governance of, by and for the people should never be so cloistered as the council is conducting it today. The new courthouse project is at a critical point. Only a public uproar got an investment group that would have netted a huge gift from the city out of those negotiations. City officials want us to support the one-cent sales tax hike, but refuse to show us the greatness of their stewardship going forward, so why should we blindly open our wallets to them?



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