Republican hypocrites own shutdown

October 8, 2013 

If you pay attention to any other news source but Fox, you will find video clips and radio sound bites of congressional Republicans advocating and promoting a government shutdown, and after they decided to shut it down, emerged on camera gleefully cheering the shutdown they just voted for in caucus.

Now, they stage photo stunts at war memorials, at the National Institutes of Health and other venues, denouncing the Democratic Party for wanting the shutdown. The Republicans state they have never wanted it and can’t believe how heartless the Democrats are for ignoring the individual stories of hardship as well as the impending widespread economic ruin caused by the government shutdown.

The Republicans are lying. They are hypocrites. They are domestic terrorists. They are not patriots. Yes, Jeff Denham, I am calling you out. An ordinary citizen that you represent. Please have a town meeting so I can tell you what I think of you to your face. I am not a coward and am not violent. But I am informed.



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