Regressives running rampant

October 8, 2013 

I just had a bad dream that an angry group of people were determined to destroy our country. They were distrustful of anyone but themselves. They were fearful of advancement of women and minorities. They determined there were no such things as pollution and global warming, despite overwhelming findings of the scientific community. In fact, they dismissed scientists and scholars as “progressives,” a term they viewed negatively. They chose, instead, to hire their own “scientists” who would interpret any finding exactly as desired by the group.

Despite numerous shooting tragedies, they favored less rather than more regulation of guns and gun purchasers. They wanted to solve problems in the country by destroying it rather than fixing it. They despised nearly every aspect of government. They had almost succeeded in destroying our country, when, thankfully, I awoke. I am certainly glad these “regressives” were only a nightmare.



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