Healthy are sick of Obamacare

October 8, 2013 

While it’s too early to gauge its ultimate success, there are signs that Obamacare won’t live up to the hype of many proponents. Perhaps the most devastating news is how much the insurance exchanges will depend on young people enrolling in order to support lower costs for the general population.

A study by the American Action Forum shows that premiums for a 30-year-old male will increase in every state and increase nationwide by more than 260 percent. Current low-cost coverage plans cost around $62 per month; next year, premiums may rise to more than $180. What are the chances a young person with little disposable income will choose to be a part of Obamacare while facing these higher costs?

Obamacare has been described as a free-market approach to health care reform. A true free-market system, however, doesn’t depend on the support of one group to prop up the system for everyone else.



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