Protect Modesto police, fire services

October 8, 2013 

When my house caught fire a couple of years ago, Modesto firefighters quickly responded and protected us from catastrophic loss. When my mother-in-law fell and broke her hip, Modesto firefighters arrived within minutes and provided care and comfort to her. Whenever emergencies happen, Modesto’s Police and Fire departments don’t hesitate to respond and protect.

Now, voters need to respond and protect. We need to respond to a situation made worse by situations outside the control of our local governments.

Our property tax bill arrived recently. It’s about $1,000. Not bad, but almost no support for local government. Only about $70 of that goes to our city government. Only about $110 goes to county government. The rest of it goes to the state. Our local property taxes don’t stay local to support local protection of our own property. Over the years, state government has routinely put the screws to our local governments with pass-down responsibilities and costs.

We need more secure local funding to assure and insure ourselves from bad people and other life-threatening emergencies. Please show support for our local government. Please vote “yes” on Measure X. It is a good, close-to-home investment.



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