Agostini: Reading time, two minutes

October 5, 2013 

Reading time, two minutes:

• If your rooting interests are anchored on local turf, your team in the playoffs is the Detroit Tigers with pitchers Doug Fister (Golden Valley High of Merced) and Phil Coke (Sonora).

• The oldest player in the NBA is the Lakers' Steve Nash (39), who ages with each injury.

• If the Warriors' Steph Curry stays healthy, his team reaches at least the Western Conference finals.

• That prediction solidified after the Thunder's loss of Russell Westbrook for the first four to six weeks (knee).

• The Kings paid DeMarcus Cousins $62 million over four years while the rest of the NBA asked, "Are they DeCrazy?"

• Another reason the Kings can't improve: They are still shelling out nearly $17 million over the next two seasons to no-pass gunner Marcus Thornton.

• Griping about the Kings feels good. Why? They're still in Sacramento.

• The Warriors' Jim Barnett starts his 29th and final season on TV. As a player, he was "Crazy Horse." As an announcer, he was Cool Hand Luke.

• The 49ers hope the Texans' Matt Schaub has another give-away-the-game throw left in him.

• 49er safety Donte Whitner will change his name to Donte Hitner. Quick, someone tell him Chad Johnson's switch to Ocho Cinco did not work out well.

• Matt Flynn was dropped from No. 1 Raider quarterback to No. 3. If the Raiders had a No. 5, he'd be there.

• The Raiders dished out $6.5 million for Flynn this season. Can't blame Al Davis for that one.

• Fresno State's Isaiah Burse (Modesto Christian) will play against Idaho after the Mountain West Conference admitted its officials goofed when they flagged him for "targeting" and tossed him out of the game. That's fine, but Burse won't get back the three quarters of a game he lost against Hawaii.

• Butte, Modesto Junior College's opponent tonight, pulls together players from 17 states and four countries. The Pirates' roster comes from nine ... counties.

• No. 5 Stanford lost 17-13 to Washington last year. Today it's get-even time.

• Jeff Tedford was fired by Cal, but why did he take the defense with him?

• Beating Washington State is a good idea for Cal. After this week, where the Bears' next win will come from is unknown.

• Sonny Dykes earned his first official black mark last week. Cal's fumbles on its first four possessions at Oregon speaks to coaching ... or the lack of it.

• USC's Lane Kiffin was fired at LAX before dawn Sunday. To read the stuff on USC blogs last weekend, we were surprised he was allowed on the plane home.

• Kiffin failed at Tennessee, the Raiders and USC. Say this for the man: He knows how to win the interview.

• That was a fast honeymoon: The Eagles and Chip Kelly's Quack Attack (1-3).

• Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue dismissed concussion talk in 1994 as a topic for "pack journalism." May the pack always run.

• The Giants' Barry Zito might or might not retire. This much we know: He "retired" veteran Mark Kotsay.

• The Giants' season finally ended. Never to be forgotten: Andres Torres' first-pitch foul popups, Gregor Blanco's first-pitch two-hopper to second and — a personal favorite — Pablo Sandoval swinging at a pitch that hit him.

• The new nickname for the Giants' Hunter Pence: Salary Drive.

• Tampa Bay survived two win-or-else games this week. Sounds like the Rays are chasing a champagne endorsement.

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