Women pros are rolling through McHenry

October 1, 2013 

Women's professional bowling is coming to Modesto.

The Women's Bowling Alliance NorCal Open will be rolling at McHenry this weekend.

The field will be vying for a $5,000 payout. The pros will be taking to the lanes for practice from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Two 8-game qualifying squads run Saturday, at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Lanes will be oiled between squads.

The finals start at 10 a.m. Sunday with the top quarter of the qualifying field coming back to bowl eight more games. After eight, the top four will bowl off in a stepladder final for the title.

This is a great opportunity for local high-scoring ladies to compete at a national level in a pro event. Entry is $175 (plus $10 if using credit card). Register online at WBAbowling.com or at McHenry prior to the practice session or qualifying squads. Call Paula Vidad (909) 717-4736.

The WBA was formed in 2010 to offer top women throughout the U.S. a series of competitive scratch tournaments after the Professional Women's Bowling Association (PWBA) folded in 2003.

Come out and watch the ladies in action.

Linda Faughn and Gary Pattee teamed to win the One Woman/One Man Doubles No-Tap at McHenry with a 1,786 total. Pattee posted two no-tap 300s in his 901 and Faughn posted another in her 885 set. Lina Carlson and Claude Ham were second at 1,766 followed by Beth Sims and Jim Bass (1,660).

The Little Swiss Trios Tournament has expanded the format for this weekend's tournament at Yosemite. The event will be handicap trios with a team max of 660. Teams can be any combination of men and women. It rolls Sunday at 10 a.m. with check-in at 9:30. Get your team together and call Wayne at (209) 524-9161 to sign up.

Monday morning brings the October Ladies' Trio No-Tap Tournament at McHenry. Competition starts at 9:30.

The 4th Top Dog Tournament is on the calendar for Oct. 19 at McHenry starting at 12:30. The singles tournament is open to scratch bowlers age 55 and older. The field makes several cuts until the top four finish with roll-off in a stepladder finals. Call Terry at (209) 571-2695 to sign up.

The 24th Pumpkin Shoot rolls Oct. 25 at 4 p.m. This year bowlers will have a chance to roll an actual pumpkin at pins to earn prizes. The Frank-n-stein party includes glow bowling, refreshments, costume contest, and a chance to win a pumpkin.

No averages are needed for this family-fun event. Call June at (209) 571-2695 to sign-up or for more information.

The Modesto USBC is revamping its awards program and would like your feedback. The association currently gives out 14 awards to supplement the national award program. Officials would like to condense the list and change the actual awards. If you didn't pick up a flyer at your league meeting, check the desk at your center to get one. Jot down your thoughts and turn it in.

The national award program has stopped offering many of the awards it once gave, and limited others to once a season, or once a lifetime.

Dallas Kadry is an employee of McHenry Bowl; contact her at (209) 571-2695 or mchbowl@aol.com

Local Bowling Scores

McHenry Bowl Leagues

• ADULT LEAGUES — Mixed Match Point: Dave Castro 269, Greg Fusi 925, Kim Heller 233. Monday Madness: Rick Ealy 245, Dave Moren 648, Maureen Ealy 190/518. Del Rio: Joshua Wilson 257, Ryan Dunscomb 667, Sheila Puscizna 593, Blanca Dunscomb 215. Tuesday Triples: Mike Swickard 248/701, Cindy James 231/599. PBA Experience: Donnie McKinney 253, Cat Eastham 181. Paramount: Richard Perez 268, Ander Gregory 655, Tess Waitzman 190, Charmen Rosenke 544. El Dorado: Tim Brady 262, Noel Carraway 680. Wednesday Vets: Terry McBride 258, James Brodie 694, Melissa Taylor 231/668. Midweek Madness: Adrian Davalos 257/631, Sue Sprenger 210/610. Reno Mixed: Dave Castro 268/738, Karen French 203/558, Vickie Patterakis 203. Pioneer: Shereen Reid 220, Debbie Parrish 599. Wednesday Mixed 5's: Freddy Irvin 700, David Epps 277, Crystal Walker 187, Jessica Taylor 535. AMR: Steve Herman 226, Aleena Perez 156. Winterfest: Jerrad Marsh 208/543, Nykki Maestreth 79. Stardusters: Barb Wilderson 535, Lenny Nottley 211. El Portal: Kelly Homen 197/516. Black Oak Ladies Scratch: Kelly Lebherz 258. Federal: Mike James 279, Chris Marckese 741. Suburban: Bret Greaney 253/666, Lydia Herd 190, Martha Baucom 514. Black Oak Classic: Freddy Irvin 264/940, Carol Serpa 228/818. Friday Veterans: James Brodie –259/ 697, Bill Click 259, Melissa Taylor 204/577. Reno Bound: Keena Yonan 277, Ken White 729, Debbie Parrish 259, Heather Freitas 626. Sun Jr/Adult: Dave Wedig 236/618, Denise Huber 161. Weekenders: Eddie Waring 279/769, Sue Sprenger 236/647. Memorial: James Mott 646, Nick Smith 245, Jan Ernst 175.

• SENIOR LEAGUES — Friendly Villagers: Mike McCalip 224/617, Mary Lou Lucero 176, Betty Tull 176. Young at Heart: Terry McChensey 212, Warren Walker 606, Pat Scrimsher 183/500. SIR: Paul Battisti 265/669. Classy Ladies: Robin Sullivan 199. Cross Point: Robert Moore 223/599, Janet Spooner 189/515. Prime Timers: Jerry Mansager 202/558, Margo DosSantos 183, Charlotte Scott 183.

• YOUTH LEAGUES — Strikers: Austin Kuhlmann 110, Destiny Garcia 64. Wild Zodiacs: Kameron Simi 193/503, Faith Miller 168. Jr Gold Scratch: Matthew Peters 236, Justyn Martin 849, Biranna Scheaffer 214. Thursday Bumpers: Zachary Drouet 62. Cartoon Mania: Gabriel Villasenor 164, Sheena Randall 140. Saturday Bumpers: Logan Stanford 81, Kadyence Tillford 88. Saturday Comics: Alex Thomas 140, Mackenzie Andrews 152. Prime Rollers: Sebastian Ruthford 211, Riley Murphy 546, Marcella Olson 214. Generation X: David Graham 235/643, Julie Serrano 206/539. Sunday Jr/Adult: Jeffrey Salyer 173, Marcella Olson 133. Modesto Blind: Robert Anglin 185, Sarah Nidever 148. Yosemite Lanes

• ADULT LEAGUES — San Joaquin: Lyle Steeley 300/759, Melanie Karle 213/606. PBA: Jim Gordin 225/627, Wayne Garber 257, Sharon Aronson 208. Veterans League: Bobby Vigneau 278, Ray Whitler 216/614, Judy Roberson 172. Comet: Bob Burkett 267, Jeff Warner 266/701, Stephany Walton 257/740. Town n Country: Gary Riley 279/736. Classic Trios: Wayne Garber 300/828, Bonnie Garber 227/638. Morning Belles: April Doran 214, Carol Prater 209/562. Guys & Gals: Gary Riley 247, Jimmy Khounsmnane 244/678, Alicia Murry 205, Carol Szephegyi 189/546. Telco: Robert Tillery 268/717. Mexican American: Ronnie Longoria 267/704, Bonnie Garber 249/669. Gallo: Brett Burkett 290, Will Wilcox 258/730, Sharon Aronson 245/670. Staikoff Classic: Jerry Gundlach 267/749, Nick Kelley 290. Yosemite Majors: Mikey Acosta 269/741, Joel Wheat 279, Stephany Walton 217/621, Bonnie Garber 228/621. Hi Low: Chris Bonander 268, Matt Maxim 233/683, Kelly Lewis 215/608. Reno: Randy Monk 245/632, Brian Strain 262, Alicia Murray 225/555. Sunday Fun Mixers: John Olivan 245/687, Alex Bermudez 256, Tina Munson 232, Sharon Gomes 222/584. Monday Jr/Adult: Don Mathey 247/692, Sandy Hunter 166. Sunday Jr/Adult: Steve McCoy 266, Natalie Hunter 215.

• SENIOR LEAGUES — Midway Match: Pedro Flores 247/675, Sheri Cole 221/556. Jalopy: Charlie Nishiguchi 235/577, Betty Bridge 201/518. Young @ Heart: Cliff Marceau 237/668, Phyllis Diamond 171. Golden Age: Charlie Nishiguchi 225/609, Virginia Higle 255/590. National Classic: Al Walter 266, Bob Neuerburg 226/647, Nancy Speltz 214/521. Scratch Trios: David Ereso 237, Robert Moore 237/693, Sheri Cole 231/625.

• YOUTH LEAGUES — Stingrays: Josh Gaddam 147, Andrew White 150, Maria Mitchell 78. Flounders: Andrew Brown 90. Strike and Spares: Jeremy Wall 168, Taja Cowell 123. Super Stars: Jared Shiffer 110, Kate Shiffer 90. Monday Jr/Adult: Casey Custer 256/587, Chloe Wix 189. Sunday Jr/Adult: Derrick Munson 165, Marina Hair 61.

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