Greg Masztal: Finding the spirit of Vatican II

September 30, 2013 

I noticed last week the juxtaposition between the stories about the “hope” for change in the Catholic Church, because of several comments that Pope Francis has made recently and the sad choice a local priest has to make between a woman he loves and his ministry.

Exactly what has the pope done since taking office? What happened to the report that was waiting for him from Benedict? Exactly how many bishops and cardinals have been removed for incompetence handling pedophiles? What is being done about shortage of priests? The only thing that has changed is the topic of conversation.

Many Catholics have waited for 50 years for the reforms of Vatican II to start, only to find the Vatican has done a U-turn with no intention of changing.

Unhappily, I thought, “Where else would I go?” Thanks to a chance encounter from a simple act of kindness, I discovered the Catholic Church envisioned by the spirit of Vatican II already exists: It’s called the Episcopal Church, a part of the Anglican Communion. The worship is the same, but the structure and practices are more open. To my fellow Catholics: Come and try it!



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