Dennis Becker: Festival didn’t disturb sleep

September 30, 2013 

The back of my house is 2.5 miles from the performance area for Symbiosis. There are no significant trees to block the sound. I could often hear the bass clearly during the day and afternoon when I was outside and naturally less when I was inside. At night, the volume seemed to be reduced and no one at my house had trouble sleeping throughout the night, including my dogs. My windows never once rattled.

The previous weekend, Wynonna and the Big Noise were at Sierra View Music Festival. That stage faces the back of my house and is only 700 meters away. That was significantly louder (although again my windows did not rattle) and it did keep me awake. Each year, the Sierra View festival keeps me awake, but when I want to express that it bothers me I’ll drive over to the festival and talk to the organizers.

Symbiosis come back? I am kind of neutral. The people who attended that I ran into seemed to be nice and were respectful of traffic on our roads and area in general. If they come back, maybe as part of their gathering they could plant trees along the rises surrounding the reservoir. It would reduce the sound eventually and would look nice.



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