Maureen McNulty Reynolds: Priests help thousands of people

September 30, 2013 

Priests help thousands of people

I had the honor of working as a housekeeper and cook for Father Dean McFalls and a few other priests at Our Lady of Fatima several years ago.

I saw these priests work all hours day and night, comforting people’s grief and crises without complaint. Thousands of Catholics depend on the few priests in this area to comfort their pain and help carry their cross through life’s difficult times.

I recall one holiday season and Father Dean and the other priests were extra busy so I made them a large bowl of tapioca pudding for their evening dessert. The next day one of the priests told me that late that night, after a busy night at the hospital, they shared the bowl of tapioca in their pajamas and it was delicious. What a precious Christmas card that would have been!

I have seen these priests work without complaint and with endless compassion!

Father Dean, thank you for your service, compassion, and especially your honesty for all of God’s people you have helped. And thanks to all the priests who have served the thousands day and night.



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