Don’t be gullible and unsophisticated

September 28, 2013 

The mayor, City Council, Modesto Police Officers Association and Modesto City Firefighters Association must be convinced the voters are a bunch of gullible, easy-to-fleece, unsophisticated town dummies.

The YES on X mailer I received was printed in Oakland and mailed from the Bay Area. The contribution envelope I was earlier sent by the Modesto mayor was printed in Oakland. Isn’t it bad enough that consultants are from Oakland and the $35,000 political survey paid for by you (city of Modesto) was from Oakland? Now it comes to light that even the accounting firm being used is from Oakland.

So it seems spending your money out of town to propose a 1 percent sales tax increase is better than spending it in Modesto. These are the people who say “trust me” to spend $26 million a year (your increased tax payment). If they can’t be trusted to spend the campaign money in Modesto, are you willing to trust them to spend an additional $26 million a year without a hard, guaranteed, unchangeable, specific, detailed public list of where and on what?

Modesto may be gullible and unsophisticated; however, the voters know how to vote no.



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