I Street best for courthouse

September 28, 2013 

DN courthouse

Debbie Noda/dnoda@modbee.com The city of Modesto parking lot at H & 10th Streets, (4-12-11) has been chosen for a new Stanislaus County Courthouse in downtown Modesto.

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Wake up, Modesto! The state has offered to build a $277million courthouse paid for by court fees collected statewide. This is great news for our community. Our local and regional economy could use this timely shot in the arm. There are two sites in Modesto identified and approved for the new courthouse. The IStreet site costs Modesto taxpayers nothing, is safer and can be completed in a timely fashion. The other site, 10thStreet, will cost Modesto taxpayers an undisclosed amount.

“We will be lucky to break even,” said Brent Sinclair, community and economic development director for the city.

Curtis Child of the Administrative Office of the Courts wrote in a Sept.19 letter, “...further delay (could) ... possibly jeopardize the project’s future funding.” With these important factors, why are the mayor and City Council putting the entire project at risk, while promising an entire city block they don’t know if they can deliver in time and on budget? Call the mayor and tell him to do the sure thing and bring this much-needed project home for Modesto. We cannot afford a reckless gamble on an alternate site, which city staff seems to be pushing with no public oversight and input.



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