Taking threats seriously

September 26, 2013 

When is a threat considered real enough? Does someone literally have to knife or gun down another for a threat to be real? Is threatening to physically hurt and abuse a 21-year-old female for simply doing her job no longer a threat?

According to certain state and federal codes, a threat must be specific and unequivocal for any kind of peace officer to assist a victim or young woman in fear for her life. County jails and state prisons are so overpopulated that even pursuing or following up on a violent threat is no longer an option.

If your daughter, sister, niece, cousin, wife or friend worked alone at night, or in this case broad daylight, and was in fear for life and nothing could be done, how would you feel? Consider how you would feel answering your cellphone and hearing the panic in their voice as they wait for emergency personnel to hopefully arrive in time.

Something must be done in Stanislaus County to provide more safety and police presence for those in need.



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