An alternative to Obamacare

September 26, 2013 

Almost all of the industrialized nations have a health care system for their citizens except the United States until Congress passed Obamacare. The Republicans want to cancel Obamacare.

My father, who I thought was a wise man, said many times “Don’t complain about how something is being done unless you have a better way.”

Now the Republicans, in their assumed intelligence, must have a better plan for a health care system. Hopefully this plan will cover all the citizens of our country including the president and all branches and government employees the same way. Hopefully, again, citizens will be able to purchase additional supplemental insurance at their own expense.

Just maybe there could be a basic insurance that illegal residents could buy that removes the cost to taxpayers for those that go to emergency hospitals clinics.

I am anxiously waiting for the Republicans to announce the plan and the cost to the taxpayers.



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